Landlord Information

Seek Peace of Mind for Your Investment Property

Melplex is committed to providing you with the highest standards of professional management to give you all the benefits of property investment, without the stress. Our experienced, purposed-trained and highly organised Property Managers understand the importance of careful tenant selection, timely and honest communication, prompt and cost-effective maintenance, scheduled propriety inspections, legislation compliance, and regular rent reviews that ensure you enjoy the maximum return on your investment, and true peace of mind.

Let Us Do the Work for You

With a commitment to best practice and excellent service, we do more than simply collect and bank the rent. Within our leasing team, our highly motivated Personal Property Managers will maintain the best relationship with your tenant and ensure that your property receives personalised attention. We appreciate the value of your investment property, with our proven strategies and proactive approach combining to ensure its ongoing protection and capital growth.

Tenant Matching and Selection

Each application received from a prospective tenant is thoroughly examined and checked by one of our personnel. We qualify the Prospective tenants through personal interviews, credit reference checking through the National Tenancy Database, contacting previous Estate Agents, Landlords, Employers and professional referees. During this process we gain knowledge regarding the applicant’s employment stability, the tenant’s financial capacity to pay the rental and get an indication on their ability to maintain your property.

During this process we gain knowledge regarding the applicant’s employment stability, the tenant’s financial capacity to pay the rental and get an indication on their ability to maintain your property.

We will present to you all suitable applicants for your selection. Once the applicant and lease terms are agreed upon, we will arrange for the lease to be signed as quickly as possible. The property remains for lease until the Lease is signed.

Management and Services

Our management team welcomes the prospect of looking after your property and demonstrating the high standard of personal service provided by Melplex Real Estate. Our Property Managers are highly motivated to maintain the best relationship with your tenant in order to ensure they manage and maintain your investment to its fullest potential.

The standard lease term offered on most properties is twelve (12) months; however in many cases a shorter or longer term of lease may be requested. These will be referred to you prior to approval.

  • Lease Preparation – We compile all appropriate documentation into a file which includes the necessary information for your new tenant such as:
    • Residential Tenancy Agreement
    • Comprehensive Condition Report
    • Rent Payment Method
    • Utilities Connection Assistance
    • Emergency contact information
    • Procedures for after hours maintenance
    • Rights and Responsibilities booklet
    • Any other relevant documentation according to the terms of the lease.
  • Once leased, the ongoing management of your property should be a pleasant experience for all landlords


A high standard of maintenance will ensure that both the rental return and value of your asset is protected and optimised.

Our flexible maintenance system covers the requirements of all our owners. Some owners prefer to take care of maintenance matters themselves while others prefer Melplex Real Estate handle this on their behalf.

Although our aim is to always keep the Landlord fully informed, to minimise delays, we do however recommend that you give us Authority to respond to repair and maintenance requests to the value of $300 without reference. This allows us to attend to minor matters without delay or disruption to the owner.


Our tenants are encouraged to utilise internet transactions.
Despite the rigorous tenant selection process and the utmost care being taken, occasionally tenants fall into arrears. Melplex Real Estate has a strict procedure adhered to by all our Property Managers to manage arrears problems in the most effective manner.

Periodic Inspections

With regular property inspections you can ensure that your investment is well maintained and protected.

From the moment Melplex Real Estate place a tenant in your property we have familiarised ourselves with you and your investment. We schedule our first inspection with the tenant at 6 months to ensure that the tenants are happy in the property and to confirm they are keeping the property in good condition.


As your Managing Agent we ensure that your tenant is well informed of their obligations under the lease.

Lease Renewals

We will not offer your tenants a lease renewal without your specific instruction, however your tenants options are discussed with them during the routine inspection where possible.

Rent Increases

We regularly assess the rental on your property taking into account the quality of the tenant, the length of tenure, the general condition of the property, the vacancy factor in the area and the current market rents of similar properties.
Rent cannot be increased more than twice per year and there must be 6 months between each increase. We advise tenants that rent will be reviewed annually and recommendations are made to you. Once your instruction has been received, we will issue the notice in accordance with Victorian Legislation.
A further six (6) months after our initial inspection, your Property Manager will conduct a thorough routine maintenance inspection. Upon completion of this inspection you will receive photos and a written report on the condition of your property.
The Residential Tenancies Act does not allow us to insist that tenants enter a new lease after the original lease expires, however it does provide for the tenant to be bound by the same conditions contained in the original lease.
A minimum sixty (60) days notice of a rent increase is required to be given and it is our policy to issue this increase both by registered and by normal post to ensure the tenant receives the documentation and that proof of service is available should it be required


Adequate insurance cover for any investment property is vital. This should include the cover for building against all perils, Contents insurance for carpet furnishings (if applicable), light fittings, blinds etc, public liability cover. You may also choose to take out landlord protection cover which includes cover for loss of rent etc. – details of which can be provided by your insurer.


Subject to your instruction, our accounts department will attend to the payment of all disbursements on your behalf including maintenance contractors, water rates, council rates, owner’s corporate levies and fees, insurance.
Our owner statements are produced weekly to ensure rent is dispersed to you with the minimum delay once funds are cleared with full details of revenue and expenditure on each statement.
An Annual Financial Year Summary is forwarded to you at the end of each financial year.
Utilising today’s technology we can easily deposit your funds directly into your nominated account and provide you with an email copy of your owner statement.

Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal

Where required we prepare Applications and serve Notices to tenants for hearing at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in compliance with legislation and, if need be provide representation at Tribunal Hearings.